About Entanglement

A tale of stolen souls, mirror worlds, quantum physics and eternal love.

There’s a serial killer on the loose and Angel Copperwheat knows his name, but the murderer is long dead and using Angel to power his quest to become a God. The police think Angel’s the murderer and maybe he is?

Angel Copperwheat lives on the bubble-thin surface of what we call reality, surrounded by ghosts and the fractured moments of potential futures, living in more than one world.  Angel has spent his life studying quantum physics, the magic of shamans, religions and myths and the threads that bind them, seeking the science of death and the afterlife, believing that nothing is inexplicable, merely unexplained, and always in hope of finding the answer to his biggest question, why me?

Since he was a child, newly returned from the dead, he has used his abilities selfishly, meddling with time and space in search of elusive happiness and the love he feelshe doesn’t deserve.

The Reverend Forster, Vicar of St Swithun’s, knows who Angel is, what he is. Forster has tapped the cracks Angel opened in reality and used it to steal souls from the living, taking their power to fuel his quest to become a God. The empty bodies have been possessed by wandering ghosts and now Angel’s dull English home-town is a mess of blood, rape and murder. The dispossessed souls have charged Angel with putting the universe to rights; can Angel close the rift, restore lost souls to life, remain alive and keep his darkest secret, while holding on to the hard-won love of his friends in the now, the past and future?



8 thoughts on “About Entanglement”

  1. The chapters you’ve posted are a great read! Looking forward to perusing your reviews. When do you think you’ll publish “Entanglement”?

    • Maya Panika said:

      Well thank you so much! I’m thrilled you enjoyed them. I’m putting it on Kindle very shortly. and will be giving away some free copies in hope of getting some reviews and feedback.

      Thanks again – and love your blog, incidentally. 🙂

      • Would you be interested in having an advance reader, just to check for the occasional repeated sentence or word, or the little spelling stumble? I find that even after several read-throughs, the mind fills in what it expects to see and so such things slip through. I’d be pleased to be that person if you’d trust me with the text. …glad you like my blog 🙂

  2. Maya Panika said:

    that’s very kind of you to offer, but It’s already been proofed by an editor, I’m just in the process of going over the edited version and updating the pages on the blog – I should have some of the newer stuff up later today and I’d certainly value any comments or observations you’d like to make.

  3. Hi

    Thank you for following my blog! An honour really.. 🙂
    Looking forward to reading Entanglement. It sounds to be right up my alley really, to say the least. Do you have the ebook on Kobo?


    • Maya Panika said:

      To be honest, your blog is right up my alley and really fascinating. And thank you for your kind comments on Entanglement! It’s not on Kobo I’m afraid, only Kindle and in paperback.

      Thanks for the follow. Looking forward to getting to know you.

  4. Great! I prefer paperback really.
    The scent and feel of paper and all. You’ll understand, I bet.

    Oh yeah, I just bought it on Amazon actually.
    Believe it or not, its my maiden purchase from Amazon! I shall not remain to miss much further.. Hear hear!

    Love your name and its meaning.
    (maya means illusion-in my Malay language; and also in its Sanskrit origin)


    • Maya Panika said:

      I just bought it on Amazon actually…
      Gosh, thank you! I really hope you enjoy it.
      Thanks for your kind thoughts, they’re much appreciated.

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