Reviews for Entanglement

From Beverley Wiles of Brisbane, Australia

5.0 out of 5 stars

Maya’s descriptive talent makes this book a joy to read. Even her minor characters are fully-fleshed; these are people we could meet in our daily lives. Bit players such as the university professors are real. The main characters are beautifully drawn and come alive on the page.
Her descriptions of places, of things, are equally well done. I could see Angel’s library, could almost smell the accumulated dust. The book is full of imagery that sticks in the reader’s mind.
The story is revealed little by little, keeping the reader guessing along the way, wanting to read on to find out how the story is resolved. It builds to the point where the denouement actually seems anticlimactic in light of everything that has gone before, but then Maya gives us an epilogue that closes the story beautifully while still leaving us wanting more.
I’m glad to see that there will be more, too.

July 17, 2012


From Mark Webb, UK

5.0 out of 5 stars

An intriguing and original paranormal fantasy.

Failed academic and former TV ghosthunter Angel Copperwheat reluctantly faces up to the challenge of returning lost souls to their ghost-possessed bodies and catching a vicious serial killer while avoiding arrest for the murders himself.

Angel is an odd sort of hero: self-conscious and self-critical, lazy and cowardly, happily coasting through his comfortably-complacent life in a quiet town in the English shires, until he finds dispossessed souls squatting in his private dimension – his snowy `other’ world – who insist that he face up to the mess he has created with his supernatural meddling and help rid the world of the ghosts and demons he unwittingly released.The writing is richly metaphorical, dark but unexpectedly funny too, with sudden flashes of humour that take you by surprise. There are shades of Neil Gaiman and Diane Setterfield here, maybe even a bit of Terry Pratchett in the character of Alan Henderson, aka wanabee pop star Heathcliff Strong, who was deprived of his life when a `bloody Bedford van cut him off in his prime’ in 1962. Repeatedly reincarnated into lives he abhors, all he wants is to return to the life he had as Cliff Strong, front-man of the might-have-been-big, Magistrates.There are some terrific characters; the motherly Claudia, rescued from a life of homelessness and now Angel’s staunchest defender; Leese, a teenage prostitute with a secret side; the obsessive DI Raj Lal, convinced Angel is the serial killer he seeks, the strangely possessed Reverend Reginald Forster and his vicious henchman Charlie Barrow, `a Cruikshank wood-cut figure… Victorian-villain of collective memory.’Entanglement is also a book about books. Books and libraries and the ghosts that haunt them play a large part in the story, including the final answer, the last piece in Angel’s puzzle, which is found in a long-forgotten, dusty academic tome.Entanglement doesn’t race, it unfolds, a little slowly at times but bear with it; it is as intriguing as it is compelling, full of sudden surprises and with an end I never saw coming. Highly recommended.

July 12, 2012

From: Miss H. J. Walker, Yorkshire, UK

5.0 out of 5 stars
This is not the sort of thing I usually go for at all, I read this on the recommendation of a friend and was very glad I did. When it began, I thought it was going to be something far different, the story twists into something very unexpected from the usual paranormal/possession/reincarnation novels, ending up somewhere I never expected at all. The story is full of unusual twists, the writing is exceptional. I believe this is the first of a series and can’t wait to see what will happen next.
8 July 2012
From: alison wilson, Newark, UK
5.0 out of 5 stars
As someone who reads a lot of this genre of fiction it takes something a bit different to really capture my imagination, but Entanglement succeeded in doing just that. The use of Quantum physics as a basis for the storyline moves it out of the bog standard ghost story bracket and into something deeper and more challenging. It is slow burn, steadily building up to a crescendo as the beautifully crafted variety of characters develop along the way. It is listed as a trilogy, and I would happily read more books in the same series, but at the same time it does stand alone as a story, you are left feeling interested in where the characters might go next, but satisfied with the conclusion of that particular episode. I would certainly recommend it to any one who likes a good supernatural tale and look forward to reading more by Maya Panika.
25 July 2012

From: Sandra Spiess-Mundt, Luen, Switzerland

I loved to read this book. It is about a man called Angel Copperwheat who, after he is hit by lightning can see the souls of dead people. He can see them schwitch from a dying body to a living body. One living body, according to Angel, can have many souls.
He also thinks that skizofrenic people could have a lot of souls inside them (This is a interesting thought, I think ;o))
Angel also can go to other dimensions where he can find peace, he “travels” often to one special place, but it soon turns out he can not find peace there anymore, for  he is not alone there……….
The book is also about not fighting evil with evil….. but fight evil with patience and goodness, then the evil will go away!
11th August 2012
From David Rashleigh.
5 stars

Started your book last night. Wow. I thought I could write a bit; compared to you I just about make rank amateur.

Format:Paperback|Amazon Verified Purchase
This book is a beautifully written work by a very talented lady. It is extremely rare that a book impresses me like this one did. Seriously, if you appreciate the written word, this is an absolute treat.

10th December 2012


From BedfordClanger

5 stars

A book that questions the nature of spirituality. Is there a God? Are there many Gods? Are we ALL God? With a dose of mythology, some shamanism, a bit of quantum physics, and all hung on the shoulders of a self-doubting academic at a provincial university.

I read this on the recommendation of a friend and was rather glad I did. I was expecting something different (the ‘paranormal’ genre has become bloated with tedious and unimaginative romance stories) but Entanglement seems to me more fantasy/SF than paranormal. The story twists, moving away from the usual paranormal/possession/reincarnation novels, ending up somewhere I never expected at all. The story is full of unusual twists, the writing is exceptional, almost poetic at times, with side trips into the nature of the senses, of colour and scent and sound.

I believe this is the first of a series and am intrigued to see where Mr. Copperwheat’s story will go.

From CP

5 stars

Unique Paranormal Murder-Mystery

Entanglement is a paranormal murder mystery that delightfully wanders from the well-trodden romance driven norm for the genre. Grounding her paranormal setting in quantum physics as well as spirituality adds to the reality of Ms. Panika’s world. Her lead character, Angel Copperwheat, is not a hulking heart-throb. Rather, he’s a self-doubting somewhat cowardly academic, who struggles to step into the role of hero. While these wanderings are what makes the story so good, they do require more from the reader. This is not a formulaic light read. Be prepared to think and you will discover a wonderfully written story well worth your time.

January 24, 2013


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