HCby David Duchovny

4 stars

Due to be released on 3rd February 2015

We are all Animals
We are all one
We are all holy cows

A surreal fairytale about a talking cow, a pig and a turkey, who dream of escaping their inevitable fate on the farm; who can book airline tickets online, use an iphone, pass for human and fly a plane. An extremely silly, pretty clever satire on food and farming, animal consciousness, the contradictions of religion and the arrogance and cruelty of humankind. There’s a definite eco-message, but it comes well- wrapped in velvet mittens; there’s nothing overtly Worthy here, if that worries you (tbh, the main message I brought away from this extraordinary tale is that David Duchovny is more than a tiny bit mental, practically certifiable – but I digress…) The illustrations are spectacularly daft and reminded me more than a little of John Lennon’s drawings. It is, above all, very funny –

‘I breathed in the dry, difficult air and imagined these were the smells inhaled by our First father and First Mother. It must have been a hard life with so little to eat and drink. It was a powerful private moment for me. It was also f-ing hot and I was quite thirsty.’

A very short, rather sweet fairytale – but not always one for the children.