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front“It was so powerful a novel that I couldn’t put it down,” has been said so freakin’ often it’s become a cliché. And, hadn’t I been putting in a four-hour daily stint on my fantasy novel five or six months ago, when I started Entanglement, I’d have most assuredly compounded that cliché. In spirit, at least.

The fact is, I could only allow myself to read this fine novel in fits and starts, a little bit here and a little bit there, and never within a few hours of my writing. I was that influenced by the poetic drive, the narrative rhythm and, above all, the sticky characters that, if I wasn’t on my guard, would try their best to adhere to my own.

Maya Panika’s Entanglement is a powerful read. It is mightily compelling. It is, quite simply, the best novel of its genre and one of the two best novels of any genre, I’d read in the last several years.