One: The sun is shining. I have been for a walk without a jacket or a coat. Could summer really be here at last?

Two: A pumpkin is up. I planted loads but all have been eaten by slugs. This one – a Japanese Blue Kuri, planted in a plain black plastic bucket – stands alone of all her kind: a sole survivor. I must cherish her well.

Three: There’s a multitude of green strawberries all over the garden. Also currants of all kinds and even a few goosegogs. If they escape the slugs and birds, there might yet be summer pudding this year.

TARDISFour: There is much borage in the beds and my thoughts are turning to Pimms.

And last, but most definitely not least: Two lost Doctor Who episodes have been found! Part three of the William Hartnell series ‘Galaxy 4’ and part two of the Pat Troughton story, ‘The Underwater Menace’! That last especially welcome news: Two is my favourite- and most wiped of all.

How about you, my lovelies? What have you got to smile about today?