On Amazon, from Tehomet:

frontLoved this book. The writing is crisp and engaging and often hilarious. The lead character is damaged but very loveable, and all the characters are deftly drawn. Fascinating supernatural, religious, and historical themes make this book a good candidate to be the thinking person’s DaVinci Code. The settings are so believable that when the characters are in Angel’s snowy secret world, it’s chilling and when they are in Angel’s cosy house, one can practically feel the warmth from the hearth or the sunlight pouring in through the library windows. All of which lulls one into entering the world of the book and make it much, much worse when the horror seeps in. There’s some beautiful and vivid imagery, and a gripping plot, but be warned, this is not, at its unsettling heart, a sugary story, and parts of it are spine-chilling.

A cracking read.

I note from the other reviews that this is the first in a series. Excellent news!