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But the whole house seems to have got up early this morning. There’s a kind of quiet uproar and I kno not why. Perhaps it’s something cosmic? Perhaps one of my astrologically-minded friends can tell me. There is no peace and, tired of staring at empty Word docs and sitting seething in silent despair, I find myself prevaricating, making endless cups of coffee and mindlessly scouting the interwebs and fell upon this gem: Unseen images of Withnail and I – my most favourite film bar none, my eternal Number One. It’s from the Mail, March 2009. However did I miss it?


In other news, it’s snowing again. I’ve managed to avoid making a weather post so far, but with twelve foot drifts blocking every road here, it’s a virtual certainty that I shall be writing about it before much longer. I have pictures, of course. Lots of them. It can only be a matter of time before I inflict some on you.