Eventually. Maybe…

titanic After a titanic computer crash I’m having to re-build my poor, tired old laptop from scratch. Much has been lost –  a lot was backed up, but a lot wasn’t. The computer is still not as I’d like it. I’m still tweaking and adjusting. At least now – thanks to the computer genius with whom I live – the trackpad driver misery is finally sorted; my cursor no longer leaps and gambles through my documents like a spring lamb, leading to general gibberish and tangled cardi. It’s taking a depressingly long time to get back up to speed. My style is well cramped, let me tell you, and I STILL cannot get into Twitter. It’s all been rather frustrating.

Enforced absence from the computer has meant I’ve been able to catch up with some long-delayed reading. I was finally able to read Jon Sayer’s brilliant BATDIG – review to follow – and am well-esconced in Horton Deakin’s fascinating Time Pullers. Even a computer crash can have a silver lining.

In other news: the computer genius has been busy with a hammer in the kitchen. We have new cupboards! Clutter is banished, the salad spinner and my enormous collection of teas finally have a home. It might not sound like much to you, but my joy is mighty. And spring might actually have sprung in these silly latitudes where we make our home. I’ve got 60 Dutch Iris, 40 Triteleia, a peach tree and some aubergine seeds to plant. If I can only remember where I put my trowel…

It seems even the joy of new cupboards has a downside ::she nodded sagely::