PickYou can’t touch me, I’m part of the union – so Sung The Strawbs, back in 1973. The Blog Scratchers Union is not an actual union – I’m no longer in an actual union, not since I paid my last dues to the NUJ back in ::coughmuttermumble:: – just a meeting of like-minds who want to build a bigger following by friending and following others, which seems a pleasing and goodly concept.

hammeriAs suggested by brother Seumas Gallacher – here are some blogs you might consider following. I shall be adding to this list from time to time, whenever I find a nice new blog to pimp.

David Rashleigh, Chris Hill, RP Dahlke, Iain Broome, Bev Wheelan, Cassandra Giovanni, Jane Davitt, Jon Sayer, Horton Deakin, Clive EatonJoe McCoubray, Stuart Haddon, Pamela SutherlandBarbara Alfaro, Venture Galleries, Richard Stephenson, Mike Thomas, Vanessa Ryan, Ti, streetmogs, Michelle Proulx

WRITERSmc photography ltdchris-hill01

RPDaIBBevWCGioJaneDJonSHortonCEJoeMcCHaddonPSBarbAventure16Mike Thomas Author18Tipaws2MP

and of course, the wonderful Scottish kilted author, Seamus Gallacher 19

I invite them to join me around the brazier for a mug of strong, sweet tea and a rousing chorus of The People’s Flag. Time to don the old donkey jacket and Lenin cap – they’re fashionable you know.

Arthur Scargill Attends The Memorial Of The Battle Of Saltley Gate