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We have a dash of snow this morning, snow with a frost on top, not the best conditions for driving up the Very Steep Hill over Royd Moor to buy the Christmas tree, plans might have to be altered. It’s a gorgeous day! The sky is striped pink, green, gold and blue. A big red ball of a sun is just coming up. The landscape looks as if some deity has been playing silly buggers in the night with a bag of icing sugar. There are goldfinches on the bird pole, hares are bouncing in the frozen field at the back of the house, sheep are running full-pelt across the horizon; I suspect they’re getting extra rations today. Sadly, it was still dark when Poppy had her first experience of snow this morning so I couldn’t film it or take successful pictures. She went a little bit mental. It’s all been a bit too much for the young princess; she’s sleeping it off on the bed.

How are you all? My life has been well-thwarted of late by a sulky laptop. He keeps claiming drive E is full, the cheeky bitch, and in a fit of pique and spite, turned off the interwebz while I was out walking the dog. Even the IT-genius who shares my bed couldn’t put humpty back together again (he thinks something has spontaneously corrupted deep in its innards. I always knew this computer had a secret dark side). Anyway, he’s finally, and after long, hard toil, got me re-connected by means of dark magik and a dongle, enabling me to witter on and talk my usual bollocks this bright, cold morning. It’s a bit sluggish and slow but it functions and for that, I am truly grateful.

And I can (at last!) post an interview with wonder-writer Chris Hill, author of Song of the Sea God. Hopefully later today – for lo! the Gods have smited us with a double-plumbing emergency this morning. Interestingly, neither are related or due to the weather. You won’t believe how long it’s taken to write this short blog-post. I’ve been making and receiving calls, fending off postmen and trying to keep the – still-unwalked and very unhappy about it – puppy, and the cat out of each other’s space and… Oh. Everything.

Today, Matthew, I’m gonna be Job…