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by Oliver Pötzsch


Our heroes search for Templar treasure in 17th century Bavaria, trying to keep one step ahead of some very dark monks. Semi-comic, occasionally tragic, this is a terrific story and very well told.
All the characters – and they’re a delightfully mixed bunch – are well drawn and real. The translation is excellent, completely natural and good modern English. Refreshingly for an historical novel, there is no attempt at ye olde Englishe-speake, no annoying ‘Tolkienese’.
The Dark Monk is a sequel, but there are very few references to the earlier novel and it can easily be read as a stand alone, it was never a problem for me that I hadn’t read the first book, The Hangman’s Daughter, though I certainly will now.
In short, this is a brilliant tale very well told. The most enjoyable book I’ve read this year and very highly recommended indeed.