My life this week: Clean up puppy-poo. Mop up puppy-wee. Mop up another, previously unnoticed, pool of wee (found when mopping the first pool of wee) that is now ice cold and thoroughly soaked into the carpet (and slippers).

Take puppy for a LONG walk. Then clean up the fresh pool of wee deposited on the rug the moment the puppy got back in from the long walk. Bath the muddy puppy. Remove the now-wet puppy from the cushions and feed her. Prize your toothbrush from the jaws of the puppy. Collapse into stupor, fail to care that the puppy is depositing fresh poo on the rug.

Whose idea was it to get a puppy anyway? If I’m not writing this blog/reading books I really need to read/writing reviews quite as actively as I used to, the reason is small white and furry, puppy shaped and if not actively engaged in wickedness, is probably plotting it. Or else asleep. In my bed.

And I find that the mice have been in my best coffee beans. I am now living in terror of caffeinated hyper-rodents ripping it up under the stairs.

In other news, I have started writing CHAOS! It’s the first sequel to Entanglement and I wish the plot would stop thickening but it seems quite determined to be as complex as it can. I suspect it may take longer to write than anticipated.


And finally, anyone who hasn’t read ENTANGLEMENT yet and would like to, the kindle version is FREE again all day today, Saturday 13th October, from 8am UK time (Midnight PDT, 3am EDT) until the same-time Sunday morning. Please do pick up a copy. I hope you enjoy it. Reviews are very welcome.