Yesterday afternoon and the New! Improved! version, without all those pesky, annoying glitches that seemed to pepper the original, is now live. How so many errors got past the three proof-readers – not to mention my own exhaustive (well, it exhausted me) going-over (and over. And over . And… well, you probably get the picture) – I don’t know. I have chosen to be positive and believe that the story was just so darn exciting that no one noticed the mistakes. I am saying that over and over to myself with my fingers in my ears and whistling the theme to Mapp and Lucia and la la la I can’t hear you.

These things happen. I am sent a lot of proofs and my glitchy novel doesn’t come close to some of the volumes I’ve had to read and review. I’d like to thank Mari Mann for first pointing out what a mess it was.

If you have one of these ‘review proofs’ and it’s been bothering you, you should be able to re-download it for free, if not, I’m happy to replace it with a fresh, updated copy. Otherwise, I shall be offering a free giveaway day soon (when I’ve worked out how that works). I’m also putting it into print soon, too.

It is garnering some delightful reviews. Alas, they’re scattered to the winds. It seems it’s not possible to get my UK reviews on to the US site and vice-versa, and there’s a review from Switzerland that was there for a blink but now seems to have disappeared into a parallel universe. I’ll post them all on the site so you can all bathe in the wonder that is my mighty writery glory. Or something.

In other news, I am slowly catching up to all I missed when I was offline and when the computer broke down, but 427 emails take a while to work through. I am also reading all the books I promised to read. I know I’m being slow and I do apologise most sincerely, but there’s much to be done and it all has to be somehow fitted in and around my Real Life. I expect I’ll get there in the end.        Amazon UK       On Goodreads      On Facebook