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Watching the rain, listening to the woodmice mice who live in our walls, breathing in the scent of the lilies that survived the red beetles and the rain. It’s a nice time to be awake; I’ve been thinking about Chaos – the novel, not the state of my life, although the two sometimes seem interchangeable.

Life has been more than a bit frantic lately. The weather; the terrible floods that made raging rivers of the streets roundabout, left boulders in the roads and ripped potholes everywhere – and mangled my (already struggling in the dreadful weather) poor vegetable garden.  Family business has kept me from the job of reading and writing (so if I’ve promised to read and review your book you’ll have bear with me a while longer as I’m more than a bit behind) but I’m almost caught up to LIFE now and hoping to start work on part two of Entanglement this weekend – and do a bit of reading.

I’m currently 15 pages from the end of Jude Morgan’s extraordinary The Secret Life of William Shakespeare; has anyone else read this? It’s taken me the better part of three weeks to finish, which is very slow going for me. The language is so rich and dense, like good Christmas pudding covered in burnt rum and cream and just as delicious but too much to take in anything but small bites.

Entanglement is selling steadily – slowly, to be sure, but drizzling out of the kindle store at a gentle rate and a BIG thank you! To all who have taken the trouble to obtain a copy, my gratitude cannot be gauged in your human measures, but it is pretty mighty. I shall be organising a FREE GIVEAWAY next week, so if you have a Kindle and you don’t have a copy and would like to read a paranormal fantasy about an ineffectual man forced to get off his lazy arse and save the world, that’ll be the time to grab one.

In the meantime, it’s still raining, blackbirds are singing, the air smells of stargazer lilies and water mint and I am in need of coffee. The gorgeous image at the top is not, alas, mine but it suits my current mood to a t – and what is a t? And who is Larry and why is he so damn happy? But these are questions for another time, for I am in need of coffee and must be about it.

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