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Really nice ones too, both 5*

‘…The writing is richly metaphorical, dark but unexpectedly funny too, with sudden flashes of humour that take you by surprise. There are shades of Neil Gaiman and Diane Setterfield here, maybe even a bit of Terry Pratchett in the character of Alan Henderson, aka wanabee pop star Heathcliffe Strong, who was deprived of his life when a `bloody Bedford van cut him off in his prime’ in 1962. Repeatedly reincarnated into lives he abhors, all he wants is to return to the life he had as Cliffe Strong, front-man of the might-have-been-big, Magistrates…’

To say I am pleased would be a massive understatement; a king-size knickerbocker glory of understatement, with chocolate sprinkles, extra Smarties, hot fudge sauce and sparklers! Click on the cover-pic to read the rest.

Does my blog look smug today? 😀