is new to me and it sounds terrific. I haven’t been back to my much-loved, much-missed home town in far too long. @KioskAtThepark are in Russell Park, where Entanglement is set. If I’d known about them when I was writing, they’d be in the novel! I need to get back and take a walk around before before I start writing Chaos. A click on the Pic takes you to their Facebook page.

The warm weather had broken with last night’s storm. It was cold; the sky dense and grey as an old horse blanket, the morning’s light drizzle deepening into rain – not the best day for a stroll. I sheltered a while under the dripping horse chestnut trees, already turning amber and bronze, dead leaves and young conkers accumulating on the wet grass. A sudden breeze hurled the last of the bank holiday litter along the path, lifting it into an exuberant tornado before losing interest and dumping everything down on the mudded grate by the bins. I shivered inside Grandpa’s old overcoat, its tweed, damp and heavy and beaded with rain; I smelled like a wet sheep. My thoughts turned to hot chocolate but the café was closed till spring.

Sod the morning cobwebs, I thought, and headed towards town, to the Jacaranda, where the wood stove would be burning and there’d be hot, buttered cinnamon rolls on the menu. The path took me past the bandstand, where a stream of yellow police tape quivered on the wind, one end clinging fast to the copse of leggy rhododendrons where a group of unfortunate kids, looking for a lost ball, had found the mutilated body of a teenage girl. The torn tape fluttered round and around like a bird with a broken wing on the ruined lawn, where the ruts made by ambulance and police cars had pooled with mud and water. It was two weeks since it happened; it had been a big story but was old news now and already half forgotten. Just another murder; there’d been so many and it wouldn’t be the last. 
Entanglement, chapter 5.

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