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It’s a grey Monday morning in Yorkshire and I’m wasting my coffee break on Pinterest again. Meanwhile, there are gangs of baby cows hoppety-skippeting in  the field behind the house and baby blue tits being fed impossible quantities of bread-and-butter-bird-block on the feeder. You’d think it was Spring, but it’s bloody July and dark as twilight, threatening rain. Again. I fear I shall never get the washing dry.

In other news: I really want one of these!  Not sure how wise a choice this would be if camping in the American woods. Might get shot… or worse O:! Click on the pic for details.

A big thank you to everyone who bought and liked Entanglement over the weekend. People are reading – and liking! Reviews are promised.This makes me glad.

And now my coffee’s getting cold – developing one of those horrid thin skins on the top that are impossible to remove but make me panic slightly, make me want to scream, make me think I’m under attack by zombies if I get any in my mouth. I shall have to be a woman and deal with the situation by means of a jug and a tea strainer and/or sieve.

Welcome week 27, please be kind to us all.