by Michael Logan


A light and easy read and rather predictable: a set of dis-likeable characters set out to escape as the UK is ravaged by Zombie animals infected by a man-made virus. Loaded with self-conscious irony as a pair of Eco-warriors, an unwilling teenage vegan, a meat-mad moron and an abattoir worker face down farm animals turned zombie carnivores, it started out interestingly, I thought it was going to be more than it was – it was, after all the co-winner of the Terry Pratchett prize – but it was just another average, everyday, routine, casually brutal zombie tale. According to the blurb, it made Terry Pratchett ‘snort with laughter’; I’m afraid I didn’t snort or giggle, I might have smiled a little; there are some clever one-liners, but laugh? Not even once. I could have forgiven the formulaic characters, predictable plot and comic-book writing if it had made me laugh but it just wasn’t funny. Apocalypse Cow is not a patch on Half Sick of Shadows with which it shared the TP Prize. Disappointing.