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by D.L. Silverman

On a promise to read and review. Do you have a Kindle or self-published book you’d like me to read and review? Send me a free (Or cheap. I don’t begrudge spending a quid or so but I draw the line at a fiver!) copy and I promise to review it here, on Goodreads and on Amazon and to Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr the links, IF you promise to do the same for me – take a copy of my novel Entanglement (due out shortly, be sure I’ll be posting like a mad eejit when it is finally available), review it and spread the word.

I write many advance-copy reviews for Amazon (in case you want to check me out).

My only proviso is that I am an honest reviewer. I won’t post great reviews of books that I don’t think deserve them. If I really don’t like the book, if it is something I would normally give a one or two star review, I’ll let you know privately and won’t post the review unless you want me to. I also can’t promise to have the review up immediately. I’m sent a lot of review books, I do an awful lot of reading for review so, depending on how much work I have on, it might take me a month or so and occasionally longer  to get around to your book. I will let you know straight away when I post your review.

Just comment on this post if you’d like me to read your work.