The story of the cat I still call Ozymandeus in my mind ended with an unexpected twist . The people at #6 took him to the vet for a blood test to see if he’d had his jabs and they found a chip – it had moved and been missed on the initial scan. His name is Blaise and he’s a very valuable Bengal Cat, who’s been very much missed by his people 11 miles away in Huddersfield. He’s been picked up and reunited with his folks, but – it’s the second time it’s happened. The clearly-missing collar was a radio one for his cat flap, it has to be actively removed. He’s been stolen away, then, and dumped by someone with a grudge – against his people or against him? I mean, I don’t know what he might have done to so upset a neighbour, he was the sweetest natured baby, friendly and chatty. The birds here are very tame and he never showed any interest in going after them. I didn’t see him digging or doing anything damaging to the garden so – who knows? But its a terrible worry, whichever scumbag did it twice will surely try again and next time, who knows what might happen? I am genuinely worried, I hope his owners do something to ensure his safety or track the villain down.

Anyway, I’m glad he’s home, his people must be so relieved, but it’s a bittersweet end for us; we were happy, thinking he was safe and loved at #6 and that we’d see him regularly, and now it seems, we’ll never see him again – which makes me sad.