I’m really enjoying Dominic Sandbrook’s unusual look at the 70’s; unusual because – the odd terrorist atrocity and economic meltdown aside – the 70’s seems to me a joyous decade of great music, wild fashion, change and hope and dynamism; certainly not the drear and gloomy disaster zone it’s always portrayed to be, even in (and I hate to say this because I love it like a new born puppy) the otherwise excellent Life on Mars, which was so mud stained and sepia-drenched it felt as if the entire decade was one massive dirty protest.

That’s not how it was. Dominic Sandbrook tells it like it really was – as well as anyone born in 1974 can, anyway. I have his books on the seventies and do most heartily rec them as a more in-depth look at this brilliant decade.

A click on the BBC2 clock takes you to Dominic Sandbrook’s website. A click on the BBC2 ident in the ‘I’m Watching’ column, takes you to the BBC ’70’s’ website, where there’s a brilliant trailer.