I’ve had this rather sore lump on the side of my left foot for quite a while. I thought it would go away by itself; it hasn’t, so I hobbled down to the doc today who thinks it might be a ‘march fracture’, common in the days of national service, apparently, and not serious, just a bit sore. It wasn’t actually that bad until I took it to the Doctor, but it’s been pressed and prodded with such gay abandon, it really bloody hurts now!

I won’t know if it is actually fractured till tomorrow, I am ‘non urgent’ and they couldn’t fit me in at X ray today, but I am under orders to ‘take it easy’ (I’ve been doing 5 mile hikes on the thing, I’ve been jogging on it for weeks). I know ‘taking it easy’ doesn’t actually mean ‘eat as many cream eggs as you can get down you’, but somehow, in the darkest, cobwebbed corners of my mind, it kinda does.

I suppose I should do some work now. I’m in that ‘sent home sick from school’ mindset. I demand to be brought lucozade and a glucose lolly and to be allowed to watch telly for schools until Watch With Mother comes on.