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Look it it! I mean, honestly! I’m as fond of a bit of snow as the next madwoman but we’re all packed and ready to drive home this morning, I have a car full of fresh-baked hot cross buns and simnel cake. It was raining when I went to bed, and I wake to this:

The picture was done on the phone and doesn’t really do the scene justice, it’s a Christmas card out there, it’s bloody Narnia. And it’s still coming down hard, blizzarding down, in fact. Our friendly-local pheasants are kicking up a right fuss, disturbing the peace. I am dealing with a very angry cat who wants a wee. I have a brace of fruit trees to lift and rootball for the journey. I have a friend I haven’t seen in an age coming for the weekend and I needs must get home to light the stove (for twill be perishing in th’house) and make up her room (for yea and verily, tis a right dumpy-tip at the moment), buy sundry ripe cheeses and the finest wines known to humanity.

And what, I mean to say, what? It was 80 bloody degrees last week! What the merry heck, universe? You have taken my biscuit, consumed it and pooped it out on my head like a laughing seagull.

Permission to sigh hard.

So, I suppose, since there’s nothing to be done about it, better get togged up and go forth and make snow angels. If one cannot travel, one can still frolic.

I hope you are all well and having fun with your weather, whatever it might be. Love and kisses and peace be upon you all, my loves. ♥♥♥