by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
An unabridged audiobook read by Derek Jacobi


The Sherlock Holmes stories are, simply, some of the greatest tales ever written. They are stories I’ve read a dozen times and know extremely well, but every reader brings a fresh interpretation, and this collection is told by an outstanding narrator. Derek Jacobi always brings a sure and certain touch and such thoughtful intonation that gives even these well-worn stories a fresh lease of life.

If you’re a Holmes newbie – maybe from watching the recent films, or the TV series, and thinking of becoming acquainted with the original texts, The Casebook is probably not the place to start. It’s far from Conan Doyle’s best work, sometimes all-too clear how bored with Homes ACD was becoming; there are some turgid clunkers here, but some terrific stories too, hence my 4* rating – 3* for the stores, 5* for the narration.