by Eric Saward
A BBC Audio CD read by COLIN BAKER


I was never a fan of the Sixth Doctor on TV, but Colin Baker is one of the very best interpreters of Doctor Who audios there are. He does a tremendous job on Eric Saward’s story (imo one of the weakest in an already unpopular incarnation) and, once again, makes us mourn what might have been if he’d been given better material and direction and really allowed to shine as the Sixth Doctor.

I hated the original TV version of this story, never read Eric Saward’s Target novelisation (on which this CD set was based), but thoroughly enjoyed this audio adaptation. Yes, the science is a bit hokey, the story occasionally baffling with its odd twists of logic – but this is Doctor Who, after all. I’m sure that, in less deft hands, The Twin Dilemma could have been confusing, a silly tale of genius twins, kidnapped with the aims of destroying a planet, but Colin’s masterly narration keeps the action rolling, the characterisation interesting, brings out an unexpected streak of genuine humour, in short, he makes the entire listening experience a laugh-out-loud delight.

In fact, I recommend you ignore the (frankly dire) television original of this story altogether and stick to this audio instead; it’s a far more satisfying experience and 1000 times more entertaining.