by Will Wiles


I’ve rarely felt such antipathy to a protagonist! Intermittently funny at the start, as the tale wore on, certainly once the deaths began, I  became increasingly sad and impatient with this fool of a character, this hapless, cowardly idiot. I warmed to him a little when he had the grace to shed tears after the first death – though were they tears of regret? Or just tears of anger and frustration. My over riding emotion throughout was ‘Call Oskar! Why doesn’t this utter wassock just get on the phone to his friend and explain what has happened?’ His ineptitude and cowardice maddened me from start to finish and I almost understood Oskar’s part in the (frankly strange) ending in the context of this ridiculous personality.

I’m a little bemused by the paeans of praise heaped on this book – all over the cover of my review copy – because this is a nice enough novel for bedtime, but nothing special, not particularly funny and not even original –the ‘Worst Week Of My Life’ scenario has been done very many times before, and better (and Ben Miller was far, far funnier).

The ending redeems the thing somewhat, it was at least unexpected and made for a far darker twist than I was anticipating, and for that, I’ve upped my rating from 2 to 3 stars, but no more, because for the most part, I found this to be a perfectly readable novel, but, in my opinion, really nothing much above the ordinary.