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Yes it snowed, dash and darn it’s smelly cotton socks, I thought we’d got away with it. We’ve been out and about regardless, always a tricky undertaking round these here parts, even with the lightest snowfall (we live amidst hills and Chorley council’s refusal to countenance sending out the gritters is legend), but last cards and parcels needs must be posted, last shopping has to be done, and done it was. We braved (a sadly empty, as it turned out, windswept and tumbleweedy and a week from Christmas, too. I too fear for the fate of our High Streets) Currys to get a (really rather spanky!) new telly for the Aged P, then a dash through Aldi where – after separating the trolleys with oxy-acetylene equipment – I was able to hunt and gather a fine array of sweet and salty snacks, nuts for the roast and rum for the truffles. Then out again, into the pillowing snow and home safely, having run the multiple gauntlets of slidey roads, madly parked tractors, several hedges and a notorious ditch which beckons the unwary traveller like a muddy Loreli.

So, having bitten our mittened thumbs at icy death again, we are home. Birds are raining on to the bird pole, poor lambs. In the space of time it took to make tea and toast a brace of crumpets, I clocked four Bullfinches (three male one female), seven Blue Tits, two Great Tits, a lone Coaltit, two Blackbirds, a Mistle Thrush, two Chaffinches, a Dunnock, a Nuthatch, a Greenfinch, one Robin, eight Hedge Sparrows, too many Goldfinches to accurately count (truly the greediest birds in existence), and one wee newcomer to the garden pole, a lovely delicate thing with a pink breast I need to identify.*

It’s not very nice snow, rather wet underfoot, as I found when I went out with the camera – which is fine by me. It can snow all it wants come Christmas Eve, I’d just as soon it went away for now, though, at least until we’ve crossed the Pennines and settled in for Christmas.

Ah well. The Crumpets are gone, the tea drained to its dregs; I suppose I’d better get back to work. Stay warm and dry, my babies, and cue the obligatory pic spam!


eta:*Could have been a Stonechat female, possibly a Redstart.
eta2: And now a Lesser Redpoll is here for the first time too. It’s all go on the bird pole today!