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The story so far:

I’m up to chapter 15, Nightwalk. Progress has been slow, very. I got horribly stuck on 14 (in which Leese chats to Angel, tries to get a handle on him , who is he really). It was one of those chapters in which I detail the science and those bits worry me. I’m terrified in case they’re dull, the science is tricky and I’m playing with it, of course and…

I’ve written the first book extract, too. Supposedly the book he’s writing during the events, that he never finishes or publishes. I’m in 2 minds again as to whether it works, or is going to be an interruption to the flow. OTOH, they serve as useful punctuation points for when I’m moving on, for time leaps without having to use tedious, ‘four days later’ type stuff.

Time, if she exists, will no doubt tell.

OK. On with the rest of the day. I’m going all out for 3 chapters; 2 re-writes and a newbie. This is, of course, a stupid and unachievable target to aim for but I’m cocky and stupid. I should also plant 2 quinces, 2 pinks and a heuchera and dig a compost pit for autumn mulch – but that kinda depends on the rain. ::eyes sky warily::