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OMG it’s HOT! My northern brane cannot compute. And what is this shiny orb that has appeared in our skies? Off to sacrifice something…

Actually, I’m off to Matalan for t shirts, pjs, sweat pants and knickers, if I can ever raise the energy. Two cups of strong Colombian and I’m still semi-comatose. Need work out, need make bed, need shower. Dear Gods, the excitement kills.

The dear old novel’s been suffering under the weight if Other Work lately. I’m thinking about it, I’m making notes all the time but there’s no time to write, none at all. Now we’re home (Blessed, beloved home!) for a week I’m aiming for 1 new chapter or 2 rewrites a day. Think I can do it? Time will, of course, tell. Or not, as it pleases (whatever ‘it’ is).