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Deed I do. I hate it like a big hatey thing made of stinky, shitty hate.

Bloody, bloody Wimbledon. It infests our screens for two weeks a year like a itchy and embarrassing skin disease. It is made of the most epic dull – and now I find they’ ve cancelled Supersizers because of it, the only thing worth watching today.

Do not cross me people for I have killed before.

In other news, I finally got re-started on t’book (rhymes with spook) today after a several-days hiatus. Chapter 9, Forster, re-written and made goodly in mine sight. I have 11 and 12 all ready of course, from before I re-jigged the chapter order but now have a new one to write tomorrow in which Angel stays off work a week (after his unpleasantness with the ebil Rev. Forster) which will be the NEW! chapter 10 and which I hope to write tomorrow.

Currently watching a QI repeat on Dave, the only half-decent thing I can find to watch on telly this balmy scented summer evening. Hey ho the nonny, I expect I shall live, regardless.

Entanglement status: 12 chapters, 46,793 words.