Praise all the gods and sing hosannah!

It’s taken a long time but I think I finally sorted all the glitches and got this recalcitrant mother back on track. I just finished a re-write of what’s now chapter 8, Back in the Other World. Next up, the meeting with the ebil Forster (wolf howl, thunderclap, organ chord) then I can join the two halves of what I’ve finished together and press on with the meeting with Jess!

And it’s Friday too, which should mean something joyous I’m sure but not certain quite what. Let’s enjoy it anyway, for in a moment, I’ll have to go and clean my Dad’s house, fetch in the washing off the line, work out and murder some greenfly. Oh the glamour, the sheer thrill and excitement of being me.

Entanglement status: 11 chapters, 42,300 words.