::Holds head in hands::
I’ve been working on the second draft of chapter twelve in which Leese comes to live at the house. Angel – the protagonist, the first voice – doesn’t know what Leese knows. Leese is dropping hints to the reader that Angel doesn’t pick up. This is already a bit of a headache, but a relatively straightforward one.

There’s clearly a missing chapter after this one. I have to introduce the notion of Angel seeing shades of the future. OK. I can deal with that, but…

What next? There are three chapters that could follow this one. The order I place them in is vital to the flow of the plot – it should be simple enough but somehow, for whatever reason, I can’t work out which one should be 1 or 2 or 3. Shifting doccy to doccy on the laptop is just making me sick and rather dizzy. I’ve had to print them all out. I’ll have to read them all through, try and figure it out.

But not now. I need a break, a cup of tea, to not think about it anymore because my brane hurts and I think I need to lie down in a darkened room for a considerable time now. Fetch the screens please, nurse.