Hello. My name is Maya Panika. This is where I blather on about reading, writing, my unexciting life and my novel ENTANGLEMENT. Please read my chapters. Good or bad, all comments are welcome.

Ice crunched under my feet. Everywhere was still and dead with the silence of snow. The landscape was shrouded in mist, a thick cobwebby blanket of dirty mothy muslin; Angel’s World by Miss Haversham. I recognised the imagery immediately, the metaphorical mists of time made in black and white by the BBC; a Troughton-era Doctor Who, perhaps? My psyche reaching into TV Heaven for its special effects. I’d like to say I marched in bravely, best foot forward, full of purpose like some square-jawed Rider Haggard hero, but suspect I minced in slowly, cautiously, hands outstretched, eyes, ears, nose and throat on full alert, scared almost witless, waiting for the cold, clammy, disembodied hand of cliché to come out of the fog and grab me.

“I shall not commit the fashionable stupidity of regarding everything I cannot explain as a fraud.” – C.G.Jung