I think I finally managed to sort out my chapters, of which there are currently 42, but I expect to be adding to that over the next few weeks. It’s taken days. It’s been like climbing the north face of the Eiger in eight inch heels and a leather thong.

I’ve been writing this book in an unusual way. It’s written in 1st person but the protagonist has a multitude of friends who are all important to the plot so to be sure the characterisation was as good as I could get it, I’ve been writing it one character at a time – writing all the chapters about one character before moving to the next. It worked extremely well in so far as I think I really got to know each figure inside out. The main problem has since been fitting the damn jigsaw together to make a coherent plot. This has been – troublesome. :o)

I won’t really know for sure till I start to read it through – there’s a lot more writing still to do,a lot of fleshing-out and side-trips still to do, but I’m pretty sure I have the flesh and the bones, hopefully all it needs now is a touch of lippy and a nice frock. I hope.

A cup of tea calls…