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Just finished the first rough (very) draft of the pivotal, oh so that’s why that happened then and she said that and all the rest of it. OK – chapter of Entanglement. 2,590 words though it felt much longer when I was working on it. Three more chapters to write…

Let’s repeat that, because it feels so good.

Three more chapters to write and then the plotly bits will all be done! ::laughs at the sky like a mad loon:: There’s still a ton to do but when the story is set out, I can piece it all together, identify the bits that need expanding and start filling the many holes. It’s getting there. Currenly 125,000 words – still hoping to complete the first draft by early June.

It’s been a funny old week, mostly consisting of toiling at the coal face of m’novel, endless housework and fist fights with the WI. I’m already feeling fragile and still so much to do today; a sitting room to clean, a father to feed and water, a work-out to complete – but at the end of it, a chilled bottie of Pinot Grigio, a delightfully runny Cornish brie, a tub of Greek olives and some of my favourite creamy garlic pasta await, for it be FRIDAY! my fluffy young chickens of luuurve! Let us give thanks and dance naked in the rain, if only metaphorically for even in our joy, there are others to consider.

I’ve already started sprinkling the weekend glitter, how about you?