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No need for comment. :o) Just taking a well-deserved (oh babies, you have NO idea! *G*) break with a cup of soothing Russian Caravan before pressing on with the rest of the day and I see it’s been a while since I updated my writerly progress and – hey, it’s Friday! and I need a moment of distraction and prevarication so –

Where I’m at.
Entanglement – got a bit neglected as I dealt with Life, then had to tackle a mysterious character who wasn’t giving it up at all well but we’re back on track now. I’ve been working on the central character’s history which is coming along pleasingly. I found a new character in the form of the slightly mad and Catweazle-like ‘Old Jammy’; Old Jammy – named for his fondness for preserves and the sticky mess of it on his coat and beard. All summer long he was a martyr to wasps.

As of this morning, 111,294 words, est. 57% done and still aiming to have the 1st draft done by midsummer.

OK. Break is really more than over and I must press on. I wish you all a delightful Friday! and a weekend to come of near-unbearable, glittering fabulousness and shall see you all later, perhaps, when all the dull stuff is finally done and we can dance naked ‘neath the moon and sing ‘It is the weekend and BANK HOLIDAY Weekend! at that. Let us praise all the Gods and sing hosannah!