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I have been busy in the garden.

I have…

Destroyed a Russian Vine  (I think. I hope. I have tried 4x so far but I do believe I finally got the bastard) and removed its mortal remains from my trellis. The trellis – has suffered under the Stalinist-like rule of aforementioned Russian Vine. It may be a gonner. The pile of dead Russian Vine in the lane outside is taller than Mark (who is 6′ tall, in case you didn’t know and needed the perspective). Lord knows what I’m going to do with it all.

Weeded like I’ve never weeded before. That’s some serious weeding.

Weeded and re-filled the garden pond. It’s all minty-fresh and a delight to behold.

Emptied and cleaned up all the tubs ready for this year’s goodies.

Pruned the Choisya and the ivy.

Planted 2 fruit trees, a white currant, 2 fuchsias, many strawberries, peas, sweet peas, broad beans, courgettes, rhubarb, calendulas, Nasturtium, California poppies, night-scented stocks, tobacco plants, chives and oregano.

I also wrote 2,000 words of the novel and am now in need of rest. Don’t worry, I have olives. :o) Cheese too. I’m OK, I hope you are too.