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I’m pondering on moving all writerly-drabbling to a separate blog soon though, so I won’t keep cluttering your flist with my nonsense.

Entanglement. Keeping to writing this chapter by chapter in character blocks, I’m currently working on Matt’s character and progress is pleasing. I’m currently at a pivotal point in the plot and it’s all  terribly exciting. :o) So consistently was I failing to meet my own rather feeble standards, I decided to reduce my expectations and persuaded myself that a min. 10,000 words a week was fine and dandy. I managed 10,076 this week so – result! Tick the box. *G*

Current wordage, 89,282 – probably about 45% complete.

Blue; another chapter done and posted to subscribers. The end is in sight.

Current total, 95,035 – est. 67% complete.

Incidentally, this leviathan is going to need a beta soon. It’s currently 7 weeks from completion but if anyone wants to step up to the plate and offer their services, I’d be immensely grateful.