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Look at me, on my arse, drinking a rather fine Rioja in the middle of the day, how can this be? I finished cleaning, the house gleams like seven kinds of shiny, had a shower and, smelling sweetly of Penhaligon’s Bluebell and in my pj’s I thought, why not?

I haven’t updated for a bit. progress on all ongoing projects is hardly impressive, but steady. No Zokuto word meter because… O:! WHY???

That naughty slice of creamy lit called Entanglement is coming along well, plot and characters taking shape nicely: 68,549 words completed of an est. 200,000 which my calculator tells me = 34.3%

That seemingly endless TS fic, Blue marches on apace, still on schedule for completion in May:
92,591 words; 65%

And despite previous protestations, I may have found myself involved in a fic for Moonridge. Honest to gawd, Doctor, I have no idea how it happened! I just slipped and found myself buried inside this gratuitous piece of extreme Blair-angst! – I can tell ee I do not work alone, another TS writer of infamy and renown be involved in this appalling crime against nature. No estimates available at this time as I has no idea, my lovelies, how long twill be when tis done (why am I suddenly talking like a pirate? O:!)  Ahaharrrr! Oooh arrrr!

But now I must away for I has ficly blurb to be a writin’ for this here scurvy tale, deed I do. ::hobbles off on wooden leg. Hits head on low beam due to restricted field of view caused by eye-patch. Utters most sore an’ wrathful curses, arrrrrrrr.::