Entanglement is going very well. Not a lot more in the way of fresh wordage, but a lot of progress on the story and motivation and stuff like that.

I spent a whole day working on one character, Jess; working through each phase of her story from the moment the protagonist meets her until her disappearance and in so doing, I found not only the ending, but the whole meaning of the story!

It’s hard to describe because it’s a complicated tale but, brief as I can – Originally Jess was the crux of the story – she was the reason everything goes wrong for me ‘hero’ (he’s not very heroic. *g*) but then, scrapped that and she just became the consequence of events going awry – then I realised she was far more important – not the reason for what happens, but the meaning

I’m not explaining it well. Take it from me that what I discovered as I worked through these chapters was crucial and has made me happy. *G*

As for the the ending, I already had it, I worked it out a few weeks ago, but not the reason for it. It’s quite a sad ending on the surface, and rather cruel to two important characters and Icouldn’t work out why – then I realised that this character Jess is so important – she gives the whole thing meaning and makes the end, far from sad and downbeat, actually makes it a hopeful and positive thing.

Anyway, word count; 58.812, 26.4%