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Our snow is not deep but crisp and dry for sure – what wee bit we have has frosted over delightfully which makes getting oot and aboot a bit of a bugger but is very lovely to look at if, like me, you work on your arse, tucked up at home.

Writerly work has been done, indeed, after a minor blip of plot-based angst yesterday, it’s progressing rather splendidly.

Entanglement is coming on very well. After some garment-rendingover the plot, I found that keeping to the gist and just banging out the already-prepped chapters independently of each other is working well. The subtleties of the plot are emerging out of the writing as I’d hoped. I still need to roll up my sleeves and tackle the sequence of events but on the whole, progress is pleasing.

39,499 words, 19.7%

I’m just taking a short break for tea and crumpets before gently taking my plot to task. I hope I won’t be forced to resort to the cricket bat again. Then it’s wine, olives, garlic bread, pasta, mushrooms and bread and butter pudding all the way as we run, full-tilt and head down into the soft, yielding belly of the weekend

Oops! Almost forgot to say, it’s FRIDAY!!! people! May it shine with glittering, RAINBOW lights my darlings; raising a mug of Earl Grey to you all.