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Thank all the Gods and sing hosanna! I guess my hoping he’d have Russy Brand as his first guest was possibly aiming a little high as hopes go ::she winked cheekily:: but nevertheless, Stephen Fry is on and this alone is most excellent news.

The novel’s coming on. I’m just about keeping up with the 2,000 word a day target – it too, has taken some odd turns with the result I’ve given up, for now, trying to Keep To The Plan and am just writing chapters on an individual basis and seeing where that goes with the intention of meshing it all together at a later date and hoping I can accommodate the newness in a more elastic structure. Or something. I finally managed to get the chapter about the ghostly frothy-coffee bar and the Lambretta written, so I was well pleased. :o)

Other than that, life has been pretty much as always – with the added excitement of newly acquired televisual entertainments in the form of Mr Rob Brydon’s most excellent Annually Retentive and lots and lots of Vic and Bob.

But now it’s time to lay down our workmanlike keyboards, hoist our mainbraces and shout OOOARRRrrrrrr! For It be FRIDAY! me hearties! Last one to the gin’s a scurvy dog!