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I have the legally required olives (black, Greek ,with herbs), wine (Shiraz, 2007, Californian), cheese (Dovedale Blue, Pie d’Anglois. Smelly and Good), have a mushroom and herb thingy slowly cooking in the stove.

It’s been a week of slow but steady progress. Considering I did Bugger All (yay!) on my birthday, and I’m fighting with the trickiest bit (the quantum physics), I’m more or less up to speed on Entanglement with just under 10,000 words written this week so far. Lots of other stuff happened this week but all far too tedious and insignificant to post.

I was going to say, ‘ain’t it cold?’ but in the face of American posters who have Real Weather and not the rather pathetic excuse for same we generally get here, I shall hold my peace and simply say; a touch breezy, what?