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FX: A cork is pulled. wine is poured.

Oh, I still have a few (a few! ha!) bits and pieces to work out and a couple of characters to think a little more about but, in general, the plot, the progressions, the characters – living and dead – are sorted, their back-stories, their motives, where/how/when they fit into the whole. Even the science and philosophy – All Done.

I’m going with a first person narrative – still need to decide where I’m going to begin and how I’ll deal with the past-narrative, whether to flash-back or go from point A to point B in a more or less straight line.

But – I’m pretty much there and very much relieved abut it because for a long time it didn’t look like it was going to happen at all and now here I am, all ready to start writing next week.

To paraphrase the wonder that is Alan Partridge, kiss my face! 

Right. A nice big glass of South African Cabernet, I think, then dinner. Jonathan Creek is on later. With Katherine Parkinson! I’m  looking forward to that!

Tis the first day of the New Year my delicious, ripe and fragrant darlings. I hope 2009 is treating you all with loving kindness and gentle consideration. Sending the love XXX