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REVIEW: The History of Love by Nicole Krauss


Laugh out loud funny, poignant and heartbreaking – this tale of the ultimate triumph of love over death and loneliness and the loss of everything, even lost-love – is one of the most perfect books I have ever read.

It didn’t grab me from the first. The first few chapters start ordinarily enough with the daily life of Leo who only wants to be remembered when death calls; an event he expects each and every day, and the life of Alma, her strange little brother and her grieving mother – but stick with it, because about fifty pages in it suddenly blossoms into something remarkable as the stories of the Leo and Alma twist and turn across time and space, folding back on each other, almost, but not quite touching until they finally, right at the very end, come together, just when it’s almost too late…

The History of Love touched my very soul (hard-hearted bastard that I am). It had me giggling and crying, sometimes at the same sentence. The writing is just gorgeous, brilliant and inspired.

Stunning. Awesome. It blew me away.

In other news: We have to go back to Yorkshire for the duration today, and not a moment too soon since the fairy lights on the mantelpiece have just packed in, damn them. I’ll be taking them down today anyway since we won’t be back again before Twelfth Night and I have no desire to incur the ire of the Gods.

Mark wants to set off at ten since the roads will no doubt be horrific. I have a slew of things to do, in fact, before we depart, things I should be doing rather than sitting here, sipping a cooling mug of coffee, contemplating my filthy t shirt, but I think I shall sit here and ponder the mysteries over a fresh cup of coffee and maybe an oatcake for a little while longer.

ETA: Mark hath decreed that th’hour of eleven ‘is early enough I think’ and, since I’ve already stripped and changed the bed and packed m’bag; Mark’s washed up there’s little else to do so I’m back on my arse again, eating potato cakes (oatcakes have gone mouldy! :o), drinking juice and coffee (in separate receptacles, not mixed. That would be horrid) and perusing LJ (which is very quiet this morning. Where is everyone? Are you all holiday-busy or just hungover?