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For yea and verily, I be still living – should you have wondered.

Lifely update the fyrste: My internet connection has been behaving like a drunken tramp with a bottle of cider in a brown paper bag singing Scottish ballads outside a department store. It’s become somewhat irritating and consequently, I have been jolly cross in an Al Qaeda sort of a way. Sending emails, posting messages; all has been a trial and a tribulation since the connection’s been dropping out pretty much every 90 seconds or so. This has made me mad. Deep probing on the part of myself and m’lovebucket (but not in an exciting way) seemed to show some sort of DNS problem. We never did get to the bottom of it but It seems alright again today. Keeping all extremities tightly crossed.

Lifely update the seconde: I finally finished and reviewed The Northern Clemency for Amazon Vine. Man, that’s one big book. My review is here, should anyone give a monkeys. Next up, Mark Gattis’s The Vesuvius Club. I can hear your bated breath from here. I, however, am pretty excited about this one. On a brief flip-through, it has a vaguely Ronald-Searlish look, and Stephen Fry recommends it. It all bodes well.

And I’m bored with the number thing now: My new baby, the novel known as Entanglement is coming along – slowly, I’m getting around an hour a day of work done but it’s moving on apace and I am well pleased. Today I’m working on my ghosts and their back-stories which will make a nice change from all the quantum physics of the past week and a half.

I’ve been watching more telly than is my wont (due to aforementioned internetly troubles). Einstein and Eddington was a joy. The new Survivors was OK, I thought – better than expected but by all the Gods! – Does Freema Agyeman have to be in everything the BBC does these days? I find her most underwhelming, ‘deed I do. Ditto that Julie Graham out of Bonekickers. My sister and I amused each other hugely working out strange and unusual ways to ensure Bonekickers never, ever, returns to our screens, mostly involving black holes – for It is not enough that it be merely killed, more that it be entirely removed from the planet, indeed, from time and space itself.

There are many Good Things to be had on the TV these days. There is Ponderland and Gavin and Stacy and Little Dorrit and a new series of the IT Crowd! Such mighty squee!) and new (and ever more slashy) Top Gear and sundry other darling lovely things to please me.

To summarise; teh sun is shining, the temperatures well below zero; it looks as though we might be heading for a Real Winter this year – which would make a most pleasant change. Life isn’t that bad, on the whole, for a wonder.

So how about you, my little darlin’s? How is life treating you these days? Is your universe all rainbows and kittens or is she being a cheeky bitch? Speak to me, lil buddies!