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On m’novel, oh yes indeedy. Now I have the bones of the plot sorted I’ve been working on the science, the whole quantum physics, parallel universe bit of the thing. Of all the detail-filling I still have to do, this was the bit I thought I’d like least (which is why I’m getting it out of the way first) but in fact, I’m thoroughly enjoying it, actually choosing to do it whenever I have time to spare and it’s coming on pleasingly and, best of all, really adding to my understanding of the plot and really inspiring the writing and the way Angel’s (my central character, my narrator) voice will sound (mildly sarcastic and prone to snark, apparently. *g*) so I’m reet pleasd wi’ mi’sen.

The other plot bunny is coming along very well, too. The ideas, they are jumping like gibbons on a hotplate. This will defo be my next project for sure, it’s shaping up to be brilliantly angsty and full of exciting potential.

So much time on my hands now Jonathan Ross and Russy Brand are no longer around much to distract me) and hopefully get the next chapter out after I get home from Stratford next week.

Why am I telling you all this? I really have no idea.

It’s Friday, young sunbeams. I hope it shines for you.