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The aforementioned old, abandoned plot bunny has grown fat in my subconscious. It’s taking over my brane. I wish it would stop because I have another novel to write first (and another to sell. Gosh, I must get some fresh submissions in the post before I run away for my week o’ squee).

Andrew Davidson, author of my favourite book this year, The Gargoyle, has friended me on goodreads. I so know where he’s coming from, friending anyone who’s given him a kindly review. I do the same thing myself whenever anyone rec’s me or gives me good fb. I’ve always thought it was slightly whorish behaviour so I’m grinning all over to see a published novelist (subject of a bidding war no less) doing the exact same thing. He seems very sweet and I wholeheartedly rec his book.

So, on with some work. An hour toiling at the Entanglement  coal-face, wash the dishes, walk the dog, walk into town and grab some fodder at the market then print a round of new subs for the old novel and maybe take a crack at the next chapter of my fic. Maybe, if there’s time, try and fight my way through the 800 page epic I have to read and review. I have acquired Boston Legal and Most Haunted Live (Gettysburg) to watch this evening.This is my plan for today. Will it come off? I wait with less than baited breath.

The low cloud of drizzly dampness still sits o’er us, dripping periodically, like a coalman’s nose.

Why am I posting these dribblings? I have no idea. I fear tis a form of madness.