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What do you think about it? Does it improve the story you’re reading – or not? Does it draw you in or leave you cold?

I’m working on the structure for my book – it leaps back and forth a bit, betwen time frames and dimensions and, I originally planned to write it in 1st person but I changed my mind.

My only other experience writing in 1stP was in a fic which was originally planned to be all 1st P from the POVs of three characters – 3 voices. It didn’t really work like I thought it would, seemed needlessly stylistic and was, quite frankly, really hard to do, so I abandoned it in favour of a 3rdP narrative with 1stP inserts. It was my experience with ACOG that led me to abandon the idea for my novel –  and because I thought I’d need to know more about the motivation and secret doings of 3 other characters and it just wasn’t doable in 1stP but now  – I’m having second (third?) thoughts.

While I’ve been working on the house, we’ve been spending our evenings in the bedroom with only terrestrial TV for company so I’ve been doing a lot of reading (*g*) – re-read 3 of my favourite books, Kerouac’s On the Road, Donna Tartt’s, The Secret History and a new favourite, The Gargoyle by Andrew Davison. What makes them so great, imo (apart from the obviously fabulous writing) is their ability to completely draw you into their world so that you emerge, regretting the end, utterly absorbed; they create worlds that go on living in my imagination for a long time after I’ve come to the end of the last page and they’re all written in 1stP – so now I’m wondering how much of the magic is down to the 1stP voice?

It has made me wonder if I shouldn’t go back to that single voice in my own novel. The more I think about it, the more doable it is – but should I do it? Do people, on the whole, like to read 1stP, or is a standard, 3rdP narrative an easier, more enjoyable read?

So, I was wondering how you all feet about 1stP?

Good thing? Bad thing? Irritating? Wonderful? – I’d really like to know.