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In Holmfirth and Honley, sometime after I finish this massive cappuccino…

Got up at 5am to start writing again after a few days off. I got a bit lost with the story though – I’m on slightly shaky ground, not really knowing exactly where I was going with this bit. I’ve left my main character, Angel, having an ‘episode’ in front of the Aga and switched POV to Matt and his trip to the church; all I knew was Matt – the former detective – would go over to St Edmund the Martyr’s to quiz the naughty vicar, which he’s now done, and a new character has suddenly appeared in the form of Margaret Copperwheat. At the moment she’s arranging flowers and making tea but she’s already made disparaging remarks about the ‘Unfortunates’ – the homeless people the vicar houses in the vicarage – I wouldn’t mind betting she’s not as innocent as she looks.

So progress is being made but it’s been slow; 1,166 words written before I decided to call it a day. 11,467 words written so far. 5.73%

The plot is taking its time to develop but a few mysteries have been seeded. It’s coming on.

It’s a gorgeous day today. Sun’s shining and everything! ::shakes head with the wonder of it:: (o: